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Celebrating 54 Years Of Instigating Hope


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The Board of Directors and youth were instrumental in keeping issues of poor people with disabilities in the forefront of society. We covered issues such as housing, education, transportation, and employment. We educated and advocated the public and officials about the lack of equity and exclusion facing impoverished communities.

Who are we?

This is the website of Disabled In Action Atlanta, Inc. (DIA). We have made history, with our work many times, that is pertinent to a segment of society that has been totally omitted from the mainstream Disability Movement! That segment is the children born with disabilities and those who acquired disabilities and live in poverty.

 Rev. Calvin Peterson formed the  Advanced Association For The Physically Handicapped in 1970  and received our charter from the state of Georgia. The  A.A. P.H. is the oldest and only nonprofit organization founded and operated by people born with disabilities. 

In 1986 the A.A.P.H. changed its name to Disabled In Action Atlanta, Inc. and the first Board of Directors was developed. Its members were Rev. Calvin Peterson, Mose B Kleckly, Carrie Morris, and Noble Clark.

Celebrating 54 years of instigating HOPE



All of our lives should lived in a way that others would desire to emulate in for generations to come. I truly thank the Creator for a life of Productivity. Now I’m praying that everyone to be a part of a Spiritual rich life of productivity and giving. I believe Our lives should be lived to reflect The God in us, to be Activated daily. Your Contributions to this awesome soul-steering story will be seen by children with disabilities and their families for generations to come. Emulating ànd truly believing that nothing is impossible

Board of Directors

Rev Calvin Peterson Founder, CEO 

Shaila Sawyer, Secretary 

Dariane Jacobs 

Yolanda Oglesby Parent Representative 

Kalep Austin Harris 

Youth Representative 

Tangi   Forman

Parent Representative m

Dr. Rev. P. Livett 

Spiritual Leader for 

Coorperate Sponsor  KES Inc

Honoring our ancestors who took care of loved ones

Ms. Lizzie Harris 

Mrs M. White 

Pastor Herman Haynes 

Rev E. T. Kemp

James Brown 

Brother John Burdine

Sister T Fraiser

Brother Zakure 

Celebrating Parents with children who have disabilities

Getrude Peterson 

Mrs T. Gainer

Mr Yancy

Mr. John Harris

Ms. Lizzie Harris

Ms. M. White 

Pastor Herman Haynes

Rev E. T. Kemp

Alvin Dollar

Meet Rev. Peterson

Founder, Advocate, Speaker,  and Author

Rev. Calvin Peterson’s life was and is filled with challenges. He was the first African American male born with a severe disability, confined to a wheelchair to graduate from high school. His classes were not accessible since many were on the third and fourth floors. Later, Calvin persuaded the State of Georgia to send him to New York where he graduated from Long Island University. The overwhelming challenges he faced to complete his education and other challenges in his life are documented in his autobiography “Nothing Is Impossible”.




Without question the need for the caregiver or parent caregiver of a child born with a disability to have some “me time” is paramount. Gertrude Peterson was overwhelmed from the stress of being a single parent caregiver and passed away before she was 50 years of age. Being a caregiver or a parent who is the caregiver of a child born with a disability brings with it a measure of stress that few truly realize. And, even if they see it, comprehending the impact is rare. Such caregivers and parent caregivers give so much of themselves that they very often deprive or deny themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally. The pressure can become so extreme to the point where turmoil consumes the caregiver’s soul. Suicide becomes an option, just as alcohol and drugs become an option. If any of these become manifest, then not only will the child have to think of ways to manipulate through their disability, but they will also face the harsh reality of abandonment and possible abuse. Thus, the purpose of this campaign is to generate enough funds to pay for an all-expense paid vacation for caregivers or parent caregivers as well as compensation for childcare while they are on a well-deserved vacation. This is an annual event. Disabled In Action will engage in a process to determine who will receive the vacation. Additionally, DIA will be researching ways to make the stress relief sessions available to a larger number of caregivers and parent caregivers.  


“I was 8 years old. I crawled into my mom’s lap and asked, If you die before me, who will take care of me? She answered in an authoritative tone, God will take over!”

-Rev. Calvin Peterson





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