This is the website of Historical Events pertinent to segment of society that was totally omitted from the mainstream Disability Movement! 

The board of directors of Disabled In Action Inc. In 1986 Rev. C Peterson with Mrs. D. Brown, Mr.Clay Putman, Mr.Lee Jackson, Ms.Shaila Sawyer,  along with the youth were instrumental in keeping issues  of poor people with disabilities in the forefront of society. We covered issues such as housing, education, transportation, and employment. We covered the lack of equity relative to poor people with disabilities in the forefront of society!



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Mean Unable by Rev. Calvin Peterson


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I was 8 years old 
I crawled into my moms lap

and asked  
If you die before me . 
Who take care of me?
She answered in an

authoritative tone 
God will take over!

The Gertrude Peterson

Caregiver Stress Relief Fund


Being a caregiver of a child born with a disability brings with it a measure of stress that few truly realize. And, even if they see it, comprehending the impact is rare. Such caregivers give so much of themselves that they very often deprive themselves mentally, physically and emotionally. They tend to the needs of others while their own needs may be deferred or altogether denied. The pressure can become so extreme to the point where turmoil consumes the caregiver's soul. Suicide becomes an option, just as drugs become an option. If any of these become manifest, then not only will the child have to face their disability alone, but they will also face the harsh reality of abandonment. Without question, then, the need for the caregiver of a child born with a disability to have some “me time” is paramount. Thus, the purpose of this campaign is to generate enough funds to pay for an all expense paid vacation for caregivers as well as compensation for child care while they are on a well-deserved vacation.   

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