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In the book "Nothing Is Impossible”, the author Rev. Calvin Peterson, wants to change the thought process about disability in poor and Black communities throughout the United States. 

The average person's view of a person with a disability often includes the common saying, “they get a check every month, and they are being cared for!" This view usually sees that middle and upper class disabled have resources and incorrectly thinks the poor have these resources as well. These thoughts have been woven into the hearts and souls of people making it easy for them to promote the attitudes of Indifference and Exclusion. These are myths and attitudes that have historically plagued the poor and Black communities.



"Nothing Is Impossible" dismantles these popular condescending mindsets promoted by society. The author points out the deadly consequences of the practice of this negative epidemic attitude, which perpetuates the life threating epidemic of EXCLUSION! 


African Americans too are guilty of this deadly epidemic. We are the greatest practitioners of Exclusion. This guilt comes from a SPIRITUAL IGNORANCE. “Nothing Is Impossible” exposes the deliberate classism and racism that is woven in the core of hearts and minds of this society and how it's more disabling than the disability itself.


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Disabled In Action-Atlanta's work.

We also have video footage available for your purchase on CD.

Nothing Is Impossible

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